Meet The Team

Welcome to Fit Property, Sheffield's trusted letting agency.  We offer an open, approachable good value for money service to both landlords and tenants alike.

Ashley Tate, our director established Fit Property in 2007 working from his bedroom with a handful of properties. Now with over 300 properties, Ashley has recruited an experienced and enthusiastic team of local professionals in order to deliver an expert service that is second to none. 

Our strength lies through our people, so we thought it would be best to introduce you.. 

  • Ashley Tate


    Hidden Talent

    I’m pretty handy on a snowboard and ski’s… even a sledge when I’m feeling lucky!

    Fun Fact

    I completed the London Marathon

    Ultimate Ambition

    I’d like to raise over £1 million for charity

  • Hannah Paling

    Office Manager

    Hidden Talent

    I am a whiz at a pub quiz!

    Fun Fact

    I can play the piano and the clarinet

    Greatest Achievement 

    I have a degree in Psychology and Criminology!

  • Hayley Cheshire

    Finance Manager

    Hidden Talent

    I’m a qualified Scuba Diver

    Fun Fact

    I once jumped out of a plane at 18,000 feet! (With a parachute)

    Ideal Holiday

    Anywhere new! I love exploring new places

  • Natasha Ayre

    Business Development Manager

    Hidden Talent

    Worked as a Winemaker in Australia

    Fun Fact

    I have travelled around the world

    Ideal Escape

    Chilling in a rainforest hut in Khao Sok, national park, Thailand

  • Martin James

    Maintenance Manager

    Hidden Talent

    I'm a bit of a whiz on the barbecue 

    Fun Fact

    I once drove a Lamborghini, it was obviously... not mine

    Favourite Holiday Destination 

    Australia, in fact anywhere thats hot and sunny will do!

  • Shanon Byrne

    Property Manager

    Hidden Talent

    I used to do a lot of dancing - I'm still pretty good on the dance floor!

    Fun Fact

    I have performed on stage at the crucible theater 

    Favourite Holiday Destination


  • Ben Chapman

    Property Manager

    Hidden Talent

    I was a Chef for 2 years 

    Fun Fact

    I auditioned for X Factor Singing One Direction What Makes you Beautiful - (No I cannot sing!)

    Random Fact

    7% of American Adults believe that chocolate milk comes from Brown Cows (I bet Donald Trump is one of them)