Property Lettings & Management

Whether you're a new landlord or an experienced investor, we're totally committed to delivering the results you expect.

We ensure your property is let fast, to the right tenants and at the best possible rent. Our team is dedicated to a personal service and unique approach that has made us one of Sheffield's fastest growing agents.

  • Professional, helpful and always available.

    I trust them to Manage my properties without intervention from me. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an efficient Management Agency.

    Joseph's Testimonial Joseph C., Landlord Chesterfield

Maximise Your Property's Potential

The real value of your property could be far greater than you realise.

A few simple improvements such as changing your curtains can make a huge difference to the amount that tenants would be willing to pay.

With our expert knowledge, we'll give you the right advice to unlock your property's true potential.

Our dedicated Property Managers are here to
care for your investment and
provide guidance
to you

  • First Impressions

    More information Light Double the Potential
    A well lit room gives a sense of freedom and space that will make your property feel twice the size.

    More information Arranged Let your Tenants Dream
    A clear, tidy and neutral space will allow your potential tenants to imagine themselves living in your property.

    More information Fragrant Trigger Emotions
    Inviting scents trigger our emotions and will instantly put your property to the top of a tenant's shortlist.

    First Impressions

    Bright, tidy, good use of space.

    Light and smell trigger emotions, affect moods and influence decisions. The secret to knowing how to make the most of what you've got, to seal the deal and reach maximum potential.

  • The Right Fit

    More information Trusted Genuine and Honest
    Your most valuable asset, lived in by people who care.

    More information Reliable True to The Deal
    Peace of mind that your tenants will keep their side of the deal and pay their rent on time.

    More information Respectful Like it's their Own
    A tenant that will treat your property like their own home.

    The Right Fit

    Good people make a great home.

    A little time and investment upfront, sourcing the right tenants, referencing and common sense can ensure a quality tenant and home thats cared for.

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The Key Steps

1. Maximize Property Value, 2. Marketing & Viewings, 3. Tenancy Agreement, Checks & Deposit, 4. Tenant Moves In, 5. Rent Collection, Deposit Protection, 6. Inventories, Inspections Maintanance, 7. Legal Support, Rent Guarantee

As a well established
Letting agency, we've introduced
thousands of tenants
to hundreds of properties

Did you know that more tenants are requesting managed properties, as they provide a professional no-nonsense service, removing the emotion from both sides.

Ask us about our Pro Management service which includes features including rent collection, deposit protection maintenance, assistance with more complex issues and much more.

Why Fit Property?

  • Sheffield's Local Experts

    Sheffield's Local Experts

    With a life time of local knowledge, from Henderson's Relish to Hunters Bar, this City of Steel is our life, our home and our business.

  • Maximise Value

    Maximise Value

    We know the secrets that will make your property look its best, attract the right tenants and secure the best possible rent.

  • Pro Management

    Pro Management

    Your time is your most valuable asset. Enjoy life without the daily problems of being a landlord. Our expertise and experience guarantees peace of mind.

  • Client Money Protect

    Client Money Protect

    Our tenant and Landlord funds have always been safe, held in our designated Client bank account.

    For your further peace of mind we are pleased to inform you that our Client account is now protected by a Client Money Protection Insurance product.

  • Bills Managed

    Bills Managed

    More tenants than ever before are asking for bills included. Increase your rent and make your property more attractive, risk free, with over usage charged directly to tenants.

  • Rent Guarantee

    Rent Guarantee

    Protect your income and always get paid, even when your tenants fail to make their's. Peace of mind is not optional, it's common sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about property lettings and our pro management services in Sheffield.

  1. 1How can I arrange a valuation?

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    At Fit Property we are always looking to take on new professional properties. We would be happy to visit you at your property to give a full rental evaluation and discuss the services we offer. This can be arranged via our website or by calling the office on 0114 2725773.

  2. 2What happens next?

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    After the valuation, providing you are happy with the services we offer, we will arrange to take marketing photos of your property. We will need to gather certain information about the property and present you with our terms of business.  

  3. 3How do I know how much rent to charge?

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    We will assess the potential rental value in current market conditions and recommend the type of tenant that would be most suitable for the property. We will also agree with you the terms on which the property will be marketed, including any restrictions.

  1. 1How do I improve the chances of letting out my property?

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    Properties should be; clean, decorated before they look tired, preferably in light neutral tones. Decent floor coverings are a must. Vacant properties without curtains, light fittings, adequate power points and smoke alarms indicate an uncaring landlord, who will only attract uncaring tenants. Fit Property use our distinctive branding, combined with a variety of marketing tools to attract quality tenants to your property, fast.

  2. 2How do I book a viewing?

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    Call the office on 0114 212 5773 or simply click ‘Arrange a Viewing’ on any of our properties. 

  3. 3How will you market my property?

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    All our properties are marketed on our website. We also advertise our portfolio on Rightmove, Zoopla & Prime Location. For our student market we also advertise on Rightmove students, Student Pads, accommodation for students and easy roommate.

  1. 1What services do you offer?

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    Fit Property offers two different services, Let Only and Full Management.

  2. 2Let Only

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    If you simply want our help to find new tenants and deal with the front end paperwork, but are happy to take on the responsibility of being a full time landlord, then our Let Only service maybe for you.

  3. 3Full Management

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    Our comprehensive property management service covers every aspect of property letting, including finding tenants, referencing, signing tenancy agreements, inventories, inspections, collecting rent and carrying out maintenance. Allowing you to do what you want, when you want, safe in the knowledge that your property is looked after and is achieving its maximum potential.

  1. 1What is an inventory?

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    It is a list detailing every item contained within a rental property and the condition each listed item is in, usually checked by all parties on the day the tenant moves in and signed by all parties. Fit Property can provide a comprehensive inventory service for landlords.

    The inventory is a vitally important document as without one it can be very difficult to win disputes with tenants should items be damaged over the course of a tenancy. If you cannot prove that an item has been damaged to the Deposit Protection Service by using a signed and dated inventory they will normally find in favor of the tenant and you will have to foot the bill to repair said items.

  2. 2What do I do about a deposit?

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    We collect a security deposit from the tenant as cleared funds before the Tenancy Agreement is signed and register the deposit with an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme if applicable (Tenancy Deposit Schemes do not currently operate in Scotland or northern Ireland).

  3. 3Who is responsible for the TV licence, the tenant or the landlord?

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    It is both the landlord and tenant's responsibility to ensure that the address has a valid TV licence. However the responsibility on who has to pay for the licence is usually stated in the Tenancy Agreement. However if the landlord provides a television with the property then they would be expected to pay for the TV licence, particularly in any communal areas.

  4. 4I want to let out my property; do I need to tell the mortgage lender?

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    Yes, you must obtain permission from your mortgage lender and inform us of any special conditions that they impose. 

    We can discuss the details of this at a property valuation and offer frank advice on how best to proceed. 

  5. 5Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

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    From 1st October 2008, all rental properties with a new tenancy in England and Wales are required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

  6. 6If I let out a property do I have to provide the tenant with any furniture?

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    No, you can let out your property; fully furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished. However when deciding whether to provide furniture with a property or not consider the type of tenant you are targeting and what their needs are likely to be. It is also important to note the condition of the furniture provided in the inventory.

  7. 7How do I know I am getting a good tenant?

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    We conduct identity and residency checks on all applicants. We also obtain a credit reference and take up employer and current landlord references. For applicants who have a clean credit history but who are financially weak for the rental commitment we either ask for a guarantor or obtain full settlement of rent in advance for the tenancy term.

  8. 8What happens about insurance when I let out a property?

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    It is a good idea for the landlord to have insurance on the property and for any contents, such as furniture and white goods they have provided in the property. Tenants are responsible for insuring their own contents left in the property (however it is a good idea to state this in the tenancy agreement).

    You should also have dedicated Landlords Buildings/Contents insurance in place as your standard home insurance policy may not cover you while you are renting the property out.

  9. 9Does a landlord need to pay tax?

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    All Landlords could be liable to pay tax on their rental income whether UK based or overseas. Further information can be found on the Inland Revenue’s website

  10. 10Who has to pay the council tax on the property?

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    A tenant is responsible for the payment of council tax during the period of the tenancy (as long as this is stated in the Tenancy Agreement). However when the property is vacant the landlord or homeowner is responsible for paying the council tax. Please note if the property is tenanted by students,  the property will be exempt from council tax. 

  1. 1How much do you charge in fees?

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    If you would like Fit Property to market your property you will be pleased to know that we do not charge a start up fee. We charge nothing at all until we find a tenant or group of tenants for you. For our fully managed service we charge 15% (12.5% + VAT) of the rents that we collect on your behalf. We will have found your tenants because we erect our eye catching "To Let" board at your property, advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla as well as advertising on our brand new website. No let, no fee. 

    We also offer a "Let Only" service which would cover marketing your property, conducting viewings and successfully signing up new tenants. Our let only fee is 9% (7.5% + VAT) of the agreed rent. 


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What Our Landlords Say About Us

With access to hundreds of properties, not only do we offer excellent choice, we also pride ourselves on our personal approach and exceptional service.

  • My property is let every year very fast!

    Efficient staff, prompt and cost effective, leaving me free to concentrate on my full time job, without the distractions of time consuming landlord activities.

    Patrick B., Landlord Huddersfield

  • They make my job as a landlord very easy!

    I have been with Fit Property for over 4 years. I have always found them to be extremely helpful, always available, very professional and efficient.

    Christine M., Landlord Dronfield

  • Genuine, Honest and 100% Reliable.

    Fit Property care for my houses as if they were their own. Whatever decisions they make, I always trust that they have my best interests at heart.

    Brad T., Landlord Apperknowle