COVID Update

The office is now open, however we are still requesting that tenants and landlords call to arrange an appointment if they wish to come to the office.

What is Fit Propertys plans for maintenance?

Maintenance will be dealt with where necessary while following government guidance. Tenants living in a property where maintenance is due to be carried out, will have had clear instruction from the maintenance manager prior to any visits on what is expected of them during the visit. Social distancing must be followed where possible and contractors will be instructed to wear PPE.

What if I want to view a property?

Please contact the office via phone (0114 2725773) or email We will carry out 'video viewings' of any properties you are interested in.

Physical viewings are able to go ahead however will only be arranged after virtual viewings. Viewings will be limited to one household per viewing and a maximum of 2 people from this household.

Any applicants wanting to view a property, must bring their own gloves and face coverings and put these on before entering a property.

Do I still need to pay my rent?

You will still be expected to pay rents during this time. If you are a working professional experiencing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 outbreak, please email and we will liaise with the landlord regarding putting a payment plan in to place.

For any students who have decided to move back home to parents/guardians houses, your rent will still be payable as your tenancy agreement is still in place. At the moment student loans are due to still be paid on the next instalment therefore we do not expect there to be an issue paying your rent as planned.

What if I am due to move in to a new property?

Government guidance has allowed for move ins and move outs to go ahead. If you are moving in to a property, you will be contacted via email to explain the process and what is expected of you at your move in appointment.

What should I do if I develop symptoms?

Government advice is that you should self isolate for 14 days (7 if you live alone) if you have either:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

Do not call NHS 111 unless your symptoms worsen - instead follow advice as given on the NHS website.



What does self isolate mean?

  • Don't leave your home for any other reason than to exercise once a day but stay in 2 metres away from other people 
  • Don't go out to buy food or medicine - rely on help of others and online services
  • No visitors in your home

Please see below some useful links to advice regarding the COVID-19 virus: 

Guidance for households with possible COVID

Guidance on moving home during the outbreak

Sheffield Hallam University's COVID Page

NHS information on COVID

Student Finance Information on COVID


Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.